Learning languages

I’ve gotten hooked on a free language learning website called Duolingo. Their larger goal is is translate the web into lots of languages so that more people around the world can have access to the information that is out there. In exchange for people translating web pages sentence by sentence, they have set up language learning programs. At the moment if you are a Native English speaker, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian are the choices of languages to learn.

The challenge for this EDM is to draw a resolution. I’ve been trying to practice a foreign language daily and am presently up to over 300 continuous days. This drawing  is a sample of what the DuoLingo app looked like on the iPad in April.

Draw a resolution, 2014

Draw a resolution, EDM 48, watercolor, ink, gouache, 2014


About atoomre

i am an avid sketchbook artist. I love drawing and adding things into a sketchbook. I usually have one with me at all times. I love my pets, languages, food, travel, color, chocolate, textiles, quilts, making things, and craftsmanship... just to name a few things.

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