Tea Time

In August my friend and art teacher asked if the kids and I wanted to take a field trip and have class at a local tea shop. Charlene and I were taking an online class through Sketchbook Skool and the week’s homework from Liz Steel was to draw a tea cup. It was a lovely shop and the woman running it couldn’t have been nicer. Everyone got tea and there were different patterns for the tea cups, tea pots and plates. There was lots to draw. The scones were delicious too!

tea cup, 2014

Tea cup and a tea shop business card, ink, watercolor, 2014

I drew the tea cup the day we were there but took pictures of other things and finally got around to finishing the teapot and the scone just recently.

Teapot and scone, 2014,

A teapot and a plate of a scone with whipped cream and lemon curd, ink, watercolor, 2014


About atoomre

i am an avid sketchbook artist. I love drawing and adding things into a sketchbook. I usually have one with me at all times. I love my pets, languages, food, travel, color, chocolate, textiles, quilts, making things, and craftsmanship... just to name a few things.

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