Garden Center Display

It’s been a very mild January and February here in the Northwest, very much unlike the Northeast which is buried in snow! All of the plants here are confused and are beginning to bud and bloom much earlier than it seems they normally would. A trip to a local garden center was arranged for the monthly sketch booking group I belong to. We spent a couple of hours sketching and then ate together at the store’s cafe. We all agreed that the location was fabulous and the staff and other customer response to us was so great that we should just make going to Molbak’s to draw and hang out a regular thing. Next time I might make it to the actual plants!

Garden display at Molbak's, 2015

Display at Molbak’s Garden Center, 2015, ink and watercolor


About atoomre

i am an avid sketchbook artist. I love drawing and adding things into a sketchbook. I usually have one with me at all times. I love my pets, languages, food, travel, color, chocolate, textiles, quilts, making things, and craftsmanship... just to name a few things.


  1. Joyce Toomre

    What fun that Sketchbook Class seems to be. What a great idea to visit the garden center as a group. Speaking as a Northeasterner, all those colors of the plants must have been a feast for the eyes. Here we only have white and, if we’re lucky, a blue sky. It must have been interesting to see the different pictures that were drawn that same day.

    Cheers, Mom

  2. The group is always fascinating. Same place but seen through different eyes. It’s always interesting to see what other people choose to draw and focus on.

  3. tumbleintofantasy

    Wow this has a very Parisian vibe. You’re so talented!

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