Being a tourist in Boston

This is a day from my European sketchbook when my family and I went into Boston last summer and were total tourists! We took the trolley in partly because it was more convenient, and partly because we don’t have them in Seattle. Novelty is a wonderful thing. Our main goal of the day was to get to the Science Museum to sign up for a DUCK tour of Boston. My father recommended it and it was a lot of fun. Our DUCK was called the Esplanadia. One of the most interesting parts was going on to the Charles River and seeing the city from that point of view. It also allowed me to see the art on the piers under the Salt and Pepper (or Longfellow) Bridge. I had no idea those sculptures were there! After our tour, we went to the Science Museum and saw and IMAX movie on pandas.

Tourist Day in Boston

Day 3 was a trip into Boston: a total tourist day

Tourist Day in Boston

Day 3 was a trip into Boston: a total tourist day


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i am an avid sketchbook artist. I love drawing and adding things into a sketchbook. I usually have one with me at all times. I love my pets, languages, food, travel, color, chocolate, textiles, quilts, making things, and craftsmanship... just to name a few things.

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