EDMs 1-58

Everyday Matters is a concept associated with the artist Danny Gregory who makes a strong argument for drawing something from everything around you every day. Doing this will make you a better artist. It doesn’t matter what medium you chose as long as you try and do. We are surrounded by things all the time, both natural and man-made. Drawing the things around you will give you practice to be a better artist but there is also the possibility of a great piece of art in the drawing and painting of a chair, or a light bulb or the contents of your refrigerator. There is a list of over 300 challenges at http://karenwinters.com/kblog/edm-challenge-list/. The challenges are great because you never get stuck for an idea of what to draw. The main thing is just to draw something and then draw some more.

I started these challenges with a friend in October 2012 and we’re still working our way through them. As of this month (April 2015) I’m up to the 50’s . I like to work in a sketchbook and most of these drawings and paintings are about 5″x7″. Recently I’ve begun to work larger and my new sketchbook, a Stillman & Birn, Zeta series, is 8 1/2″ x 11″. This series is interesting because of the number of drawings but also the various techniques that I have been learning and then applying in the sketches.


Prints of any of my art work are available for sale. Please contact me for more information at anyatoomre@yahoo.com

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